Blue Flower

graduate taking first steps down the pathway of lifeOur mission is to help students prepare for their next step in life. To meet this goal, we have developed several programs to give students a variety of options.

Our Counseling & Guidance Center works with each student to create an academic program that meets his or her career needs.

Our College and Career Center was established to assist students in preparing for a successful transition to post-secondary schools, military training or directly into the workforce. The College & Career Center has many functions with one single purpose: to encourage students to think about life after high school. Whether a student is college bound or not, the time to begin career awareness, exploration, and preparedness is now!

Our Work Experience program helps students transition into the working world by making sure they have the necessary skills to apply for work and to then be ready to succeed on the job.

Our Medical Health Careers Academy launched in the fall of 2011. The program is designed to expose students to the many aspects of the growing fields of medicine and health care. Students form a cohort to take their core English, history, and selected science courses together. They also take specially-designed CTE courses in health-related topics, such as medical terminology and pharmacology. When they complete the academy, they are ready for their next step in the medical-health field.

The MAP program stands for Motivation, Attitude, and Participation. It is a semester class taken by all freshmen that focuses on three questions: Who am I? What do I want? and How do I get it? At the end of the class, each student will have a detailed, but flexible, 10-year plan that takes them through their high school and college years into the first years of their career whether that be additional schooling or a job.