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EntrepreneurshipLet’s face it: We’re all going “pro” in some type of business. Furthermore, business is constantly changing. Today, it takes strong design and business skills to succeed in our visual world. It’s also important to understand how to start-up your own business in an increasingly networked world. As such, we have created a strong, balanced pathway for students who want to learn about being an entrepreneur.

Upon completing the four-year program, students will receive a certificate of completion that will look good on any application for college or to a specialized business or entrepreneurship program. Students in the program will also have a mentor and will complete an internship with an entrepreneur in our community.


Core Classes & Electives

All students take the following core classes:

9th grade —Basic Design, and Entrepreneurs as Researchers (replaces 9th grade English).

11th grade — Marketing Essentials,
Integrated Marketing and English (replaces 11th grade English), Entrepreneurship, and
Business Law.

12th grade — AP Seminar (independent
research) and Internship.

Students may substitute AP courses for the specialized English and math courses.

Peers & Internship

benefits of an entrepreneurBeing in a program with your peers and having an internship are two of our pathway’s  major benefits. Simply by being in the pathway, you will make friends with people who have the same interests, which will help you reach your own goals.

 You will also have an opportunity your senior year to take an internship and to complete a special research project in our AP Seminar class. Getting into a good college or career training program is highly competitive, so the Entrepreneurship pathway will give you an edge against the competition. When you complete the program, you will have a solid grounding in the business principles that will be important to your long-term success.

The Program

Our pathway begins in the freshman year and continues through your senior year. Sophomores or Juniors may join the program as long as Business planspace is available in the classes. In order to join the program, you must register with your counselor when you are planning your courses.

For a recommended course curriculum, please click on: Entrepreneurship pathway recommended curriculum.